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Tune Into Dance Marathon’s Spotify Playlists 🎵

Miracle Network Dance Marathon has created a Spotify playlist series to give you the tunes to get through your day, whether your going to class, studying, working out, or fundraising #ForTheKids!

Playlist themes will be introduced via the Dance Marathon Instagram story, allowing followers to submit their requests for each of the new playlists.

Be sure to follow Dance Marathon on Spotify to see the latest playlist additions each month.

Songs for Studying

Even though we wish we could just major in Dance Marathon, we’re all students who have homework, tests, and finals. This playlist includes some of the favorite study songs submitted by Dance Marathon students, featuring both motivational music and songs with chill vibes perfect for cramming. Hopefully, these tunes can help you “Carry On” while you’re “Up All Night,” well past “Golden Hour,” for what feels like “10,000 Hours.” But once you’re done studying, you’ll feel like it was “Worth It” because the “Memories” of those good grades make you feel “Fired Up.” Subscribe to this playlist here.

Songs for DM Closing Ceremonies

At the end of a school’s Dance Marathon event, participants traditionally form a “Circle of Hope” around the Miracle families from their local CMN Hospital and take time to reflect on the impact they’ve had on the families in the hospital, followed by the reveal of the year’s fundraising total. The songs on this playlist can help DM programs set the mood for their closing ceremonies, with more solemn, reflective songs as well as motivational songs for a total reveal and celebration. Subscribe to this playlist here.

Songs to Start Your Day

August brings the start of a new school year, which means earlier alarms, throwing on clothes, and hustling to campus for classes. The “Songs to Start Your Day” playlist has got your back through, providing you the tunes to get you up and moving and on to a great day! You’ll be feeling “Good As Hell” with the “Motivation” to have the “Perfect Day.” There’s no way you won’t be able to “Keep Your Head Up” while you’re practically “Walking on Sunshine,” whether you’re heading to class or your “9 to 5.” Subscribe to this playlist here.

2019 Morale Dance Favorites

At the Dance Marathon Leadership Conference in July, nearly 20 collegiate Dance Marathon programs performed segments of their morale dances at the Morale Dance Showcase as they vied for the coveted “Best Morale Dance” award. This year, Soonerthon at the University of Oklahoma took home the crown, but really everyone wins because the songs from each school’s morale dance were combined into this danceable playlist! Subscribe to this playlist here.

Songs of the Summer

In June, Dance Marathoners were asked to submit their favorite songs of the summer. What were the jams that kept everyone “Cool” this summer? Well people are going to say “You Need to Calm Down” when they see you groovin’ down the street remember those great “Summer Days.” This playlist is about to be your “Soulmate” because, let’s be honest, those summer vibes are “Never Really Over.” Subscribe to this playlist here.