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Survey Insights Recap

During the Spring 2021 Dance Marathon season, we collected information and feedback from Dance Marathon participants as events were completed via a post event survey. We were able to find some great insights to help us learn more about you, our Dance Marathon participants, and to make sure we are supporting you in the best way possible. Now that the Spring 2021 Dance Marathon season is over, we wanted to share the overall insights from the survey and hope that they are helpful to you!


60% of respondents said that they signed up for Dance Marathon to help local kids.

INSIGHT: Participants clearly want to make an impact in their community. Use this as a recurring message in your promotions.

ACTION: Not sure where to start? Check out the resources available through the Miracle Network Dance Marathon website for media tools and messaging that you can include in your communications.


The majority of respondents reported raising between $1 – $499 for their Dance Marathon program (28% raising $1-$199 and 29% raising $200-$499). However, 37% of respondents raised over $500.  

INSIGHT: We love that the majority of respondents fundraised at least $1, and there is plenty of opportunity to help your participants take their fundraising to the next level. We know that returning participants fundraise more than first time participants, and they raise, on average, double what they raised during the previous year as a participant. We also know that tools like Facebook fundraisers, Milestones, and Incentives are simple and proven ways to increase fundraising.

ACTION: The new DonorDrive Charity Fundraising app will allow users to have all these features at their fingertips, making fundraising even easier! Check out the resources here to get more information on the app. Download it today on the Apple App store or on Google Play. Check out our one stop fundraising shop here on how to utilize Facebook Fundraisers, Milestones, and Incentives.

Almost 80% of respondents said that they started fundraising at least 1 month before their event, with 41% saying they fundraise year round.

INSIGHT: Don’t be afraid to regularly coach your teams and participants on making the ask, since they are clearly active fundraisers.

ACTION: Don’t wait until your event weekend to encourage participants to start fundraising – provide them (and your team captains) the tools and coaching and communication they need now! Download the new DonorDrive Charity Fundraising app and start fundraising today! Check out our one stop fundraising shop here.

“Sharing my DonorDrive fundraising page” (45%) and “Facebook Fundraising” (27%) were the top two responses for the primary way participants fundraised.

INSIGHT: Digital tools are clearly the most effective tools used for fundraising. How often are you talking about the many ways your participants have to fundraise?

ACTION: Download the new DonorDrive Charity Fundraising App to make sharing your DonorDrive page and Facebook Fundraising even easier! All the features you know and love about DonorDrive are now right at your fingertips!


Respondents reported that e-mails or text messages to participants were the most helpful to distribute information about Dance Marathon (40%), and that team/participant meetings were the primary way they were getting information (37%).

INSIGHT: Information coming from your program to participants is being used, especially when it is coming through digital means.

ACTION: Work with your Cause Partnership Manager and Advising team closely to really develop your communication plan to reach your participants where they are! Use scheduled messages and triggered notifications, set up text campaigns, and integrate your messaging into your social channels to reach participants where they are. You can even set up push notifications through the new DonorDrive Charity fundraising app to keep participants engaged and excited!

Respondents chose impactful, inspiring, and passionate as words that describe Miracle Network Dance Marathon.

INSIGHT: The work you do truly changes kids’ health and changes the future!


*All Miracle Network Dance Marathon programs are expected to follow COVID-19 guidelines and the rules and regulations of their campus. If you are unsure, connect with your campus advisor and/or administrators.