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Dance Marathons in the Covid Era

Despite challenging times for events, two local universities pushed on for Dayton’s kids- Specifically, for children receiving mental health services at Dayton Children’s.

April is shaping up to be quite a month for miracles, at least if you look at University of Dayton Miracle and Wright State University Miracle Makers. While this academic year has seen no shortage of strangeness for students, one thing has that remained the same is the determination these student organizations have to make their community better.

UD Flyerthon- No Zoom fatigue for this crew!

University of Dayton typically hosts a 13.1 hour dance marathon in February to wrap up their fundraising efforts. The event is a celebration of all the work the students have put in for a year. All the “asks” participants have made to family, friends, co-workers and more. This year, they couldn’t physically be together for 13.1 hours, but they persisted with the 13.1 hour event in a virtual setting.

They had miracle families, an interview with Dayton Children’s Chief of Psychiatry, Dr. Blankenship, Bingo, a scavenger hunt for the students and of course… DANCING! In the end, the group raised over $36,000 for the hospital.

Flyerthon Executive Steering Committee reveals the total raised for 2021’s efforts.

WSU Raiderthon- pivot from dancing to a drive-in movie!

Wright State Miracle Makers knew an in-person, indoor event was not going to be likely. Being together was important for the group, but they knew they needed to take extra precautions. A drive-in move and outdoor event in the parking lot was the answer!

The students focused on peer-to-peer fundraising leading up to the Saturday evening event and also put together an amazing raffle. Through these things and day of fundraising, they were able to raise over $20,000 for the mental health unit at Dayton Children’s. They tied in the importance of mental health support by showing “Inside Out” for the movie. Though the look and duration of this year’s Raiderthon was different, there’s no denying the same energy and passion to help the kids was present.

Members of Raiderthon’s Leadership Committee reveal the total raised.

On behalf of the children and families these efforts help, Dayton Children’s says, “Thank You” to both of the programs. Your unwavering support during this difficult time for many in our community is crucial. With your help, we can change kids’ health to change the future!