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Kickstart Your Child Health Day Plans

We are officially one week away from Child Health Day on October 7, 2019. We are ready to see all that your programs are doing to encourage your campus to join, donate, and spread the word. Here are a few of our favorite ideas from a variety of Dance Marathon programs that might help spark some ideas for your own campus!


The University of Arkansas Dance Marathon is making influencer boxes to encourage team captains, morale captains, sponsors, and influential people on campus to activate and advocate for children’s health! They will also be around campus encouraging people to register!

Are you planning on gaining more dancers on Child Health Day? Registration can be a huge asset to focus on next week. Rebelthon is kicking off a big registration push to help increase their registered participants at their event.

UCDM is using the day as an opportunity to steward their participants on campus! To stand out from other organizations and to catch the attention of students, they’re also tabling all day – beginning at midnight and going all the way until 11:59 p.m.

UT Tyler is taking advantage of the relationship they have with their university. Their school offered to pay for food trucks and the hospital will have an ambulance on site that will be stocked with pediatric equipment and a mannequin for demos by NICU nurses who are attending.


Carroll University is hosting a pie-your-professor event. They have gotten some pretty big names on campus to agree to attend and participate, including their university’s president!

Merchandise is always a great way to gain some attention on campus. Piratethon is on fall break next week, so they had to plan a little differently. They will be doing all advertising virtually, such as selling buttons and other merchandise as they focus on their online presence.

LoboTHON is activating all three areas of Child Health Day. They are turning campus into LoboLAND and having different opportunities to Join, Spread the Word, and Donate. They have several dedicated areas around campus set up around their theme, such as FTKingdom and Champions Park. At FTKingdom there will be free ice cream for registering and Champions Park will have blow ups and a dunk tank. LoboTHON also contacted news stations to attend and cover the event. Their final piece of the day will be to release their “Ipledge” campaign video.

Spread The Word

In the southeast, several programs ordered “Change Kids Health, Change the Future” t-shirts and will be selling them across campus leading up to Child Health Day. As an incentive, they are also asking participants to fundraise a certain amount of money to receive the t-shirt for free. The goal is to sell out of t-shirts and then encourage participants to wear them on Child Health Day to spread awareness.  Many programs are also focusing their Miracle Weeks around Child Health Day. Auburn is using other resources on campus to get connected. They will be partnering with other child health advocacy groups on campus to spread awareness.

Hatterthon students have hosted their annual “Milkshake for Miracles” event for the past three years during their Miracle Week, but this year they have decided to have it on Child Health Day! They will have an “experiential” marketing/hype room centered around the hospital’s NICU and will also be giving away free milkshakes and t-shirts! The event has been rebranded to “Shakin’ It For The Kids.”

In the northeast, Youngstown State is thinking outside of the box in a new and creative ways. They are making teddy bears on campus to send to the hospital as part of their Child Health Day awareness campaign. They believe that this will be a great way to connect their students and miracle children by giving them the opportunity to give children a tangible gift.

Want to learn more about the ideas listed above? Reach out to your Dance Marathon manager for guidance on activating one or more of these plans. Child Health Day is right around the corner – we are excited to see your campus join, donate, and spread the word For The Kids.

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