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While the COVID-19 pandemic forced our world to think more innovatively to sustain, Jagathon utilized this space to revamp its partnership approach for many years to come. One such partnership is Jagathon’s affinity card
partnership with Indiana Members Credit Union(IMCU). Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals would like to recognize Jagathon and Indiana Members Credit Union with the 2021 Partnership Award.

IMCU has created affinity cards for select high schools and colleges across Indiana to generate funds and awareness for the schools with each swipe. In 2019, Jagathon recognized this potential partnership because of IMCU’s established relationships with both IUPUI and Riley Hospital for Children. Jagathon collaborated with IMCU and IUPUI administration to design a Jagathon debit card that features both IUPUI and Jagathon logos. A portion of all credit transactions in the months leading up to Jagathon’s capstone dance marathon is gifted to Jagathon’s efforts for pediatric research at Riley Hospital for Children. Any customer who has an account with IMCU can obtain a Jagathon branded card.

In its first year, the Jagathon debit card raised approximately $2,500, however, with IMCU and Jagathon’s enhanced cross-promotions of the partnership, as well as the increase in electronic transactions in the last year, the affinity card partnership prospered during the pandemic. This past school year, 2020-2021, the sponsorship doubled in size generating $5,000 for Jagathon. In addition to the phenomenal financial growth the affinity card experienced in 2021, this partnership showcased Jagathon and IUPUI to all who saw the card’s unique design.

IMCU has consistently been a front-facing partner to Jagathon’s students, providing support and encouragement on push days by hosting hot chocolate stations, providing unique promotional items at the main event, speaking to the Jagathon class about the functions of the card, and tabling alongside Jagathon at campus events. This past year, an IMCU commercial was created featuring the Jagathon affinity card, which was shared on both IMCU and Jagathon’s social media sites.

Jagathon looks forward to continuing this partnership in the future and is grateful for the support of many outstanding partners who have continued to innovate alongside the program in IUPUI’s quest to fund the Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research at Riley Hospital for Children.