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Dance Marathon Webinar Series Schedule

Throughout the 2019-2020 academic year, Miracle Network Dance Marathon will be hosting a monthly educational webinar series for Dance Marathon student leaders, participants, and advisors.

Each month, a webinar will be hosted by CMN Hospitals staff members on topics related to peer-to-peer fundraising, Dance Marathon operations and execution, and best practices to help Dance Marathon programs in their fundraising and awareness efforts. The webinars are hosted live, allowing participants to interact, ask questions, and share ideas, and are then uploaded to the Miracle Network Dance Marathon YouTube channel for others to reference throughout the year.

See below a schedule of upcoming webinars and links to past webinars.

Upcoming Webinars:

Retreats and Managing a Team – March (Date & Time TBD)

Partnerships – April (Date & Time TBD)

Data and Finance Tracking – May (Date & Time TBD)

Leveraging DM Experience in the Workplace – May (Date & Time TBD)

Previous Webinars:

Stewardship for Retention

On average, returning participants raise 2.5 times more than new participants, become enthusiastic and knowledgeable team captains that fuel the Dance Marathon movement, some transition to be all star leadership team members, some continue fundraising as passionate alumni – but they don’t have the opportunity to do any of that if they don’t return past year one of participating in your event. Learn about turnkey strategies for retention, how it can positively impact your event and organization, and walk away with tangible next steps for keeping your participants engaged and coming back year after year!

Focus on In-Event Fundraising

In-Event Fundraising can help you make the greatest possible impact on your local children’s hospital, connect your participants to the cause, and help everyone at your event feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves…and done right, it can be really fun too!

More about the information shared in the webinar can be found here. To watch the full webinar you can visit the Miracle Network Dance Marathon YouTube channel. The webinar PDF can also be found here to use as a future resource.

Become a Campus Tradition by Preparing for Transition

Transition is vital to longterm organization success. If you want sustain support for your local children’s hospital and return to a thriving program as an alumni, you can’t forget about transition.

Learn how to prepare and execute a transition process that engages your current team to share their experience and expertise, contributes to positive organizational culture, and sets your incoming team up for success.

Emphasis on Event Experience

A high-quality event experience is vital to establishing Dance Marathon as a campus tradition, to help reach fundraising goals, and because…it’s fun! As many Dance Marathon events approach, get a refresh on the foundational elements to help your event go smoothly and learn new ideas to elevate it to the next level.