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Miracle Network Dance Marathon December Webinar: In-Event Fundraising Best Practices

In-Event fundraising was the focus of the Miracle Network Dance Marathon monthly webinar in December.  In case you missed the webinar a brief recap is below.

In- Event fundraising is an engaging way to continue to educate your program’s Dance Marathon participants on becoming great fundraisers as well as serves as an opportunity to provide a full circle experience for participants and their fundraising journey with DM. In-Event fundraising is a great time to also highlight fund impact within your local hospital and show participants the power of their fundraising efforts.

In-Event fundraising can be broken up into two types – passive fundraising and active fundraising. Passive fundraising includes things like: merchandise sales, pay to play competitions, participant “time out” and incentive purchases. Some best practices surrounding those initiatives can be found in the webinar and detailed in the corresponding power point slides.

Active fundraising is considered a direct ask to engage participants during your event. Ideas like asking participants to raise $X in honor of a notable fact, statistic or maybe recognizable theme on campus.

In order to successfully implement these fundraising initiatives, it is important to plan in advance, to make sure your fundraising activities coincide well with other in event programming and that plans have been reviewed with your entire team before the main event. Be sure to watch the webinar for some more in depth best practices as well as read the power point slides. For additional help, reach out to your DM manager or check out the resources in the Dropbox.

To watch the full webinar you can visit the Miracle Network Dance Marathon YouTube channel here. The webinar PDF can also be found here to use as a future resource.