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Tune into Spring Marathons!

Across the country, Dance Marathon programs are showing their resiliency and creativity as they pivot their big events to have virtual components. 

Be sure to check back to see what programs you can tune into each weekend throughout the spring!

Below you will see upcoming programs and ways you can tune in to support their efforts for their local CMN Hospital. If a program has an aspect that is available to the public, their schedule and stream will be linked accordingly after their program name. Some programs do not have things that are available to public; however, their social media is still linked if you would like to see their campaign for the year.



  • March 5th – Carroll University
  • March 5th – Central Washington University
  • March 5th – Columbus State University
  • March 6th – Ball State University
  • March 6th – Central College
  • March 6th – Drake University
  • March 6th – Elmira College
  • March 6th & 7th – Florida State University
  • March 6th – Franklin College
  • March 6th – Georgia Southern University
  • March 6th – North Carolina State University
  • March 6th – St. Norbert University
  • March 6th – Texas A&M University
  • March 6th – Texas Christian University
  • March 6th – University of Cincinnati
  • March 6th – University of Maryland TerpThon
  • March 6th – University of North Florida
  • March 6th – University of Oregon
  • March 6th – University of Southern California
  • March 7th – East Carolina University
  • March 7th – Sacramento State University
  • March 7th – Simpson College
  • March 7th – University of Texas


  • March 12th – Brown University
  • March 13th – Arizona State University
  • March 13th – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • March 13th – Miami University of Ohio
  • March 13th – Simmons University
  • March 13th – UCA Dance Marathon
  • March 13th – University of Alabama – Huntsville
  • March 13th – University of Arkansas
  • March 13th – University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
  • March 15th – Lyon College

Reach out to your Cause Partnerships Manager with any questions or to have your program included.