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Miracle Network Dance Marathon recognized top performing Dance Marathon programs at the Dance Marathon Leadership Conference held in Atlanta, GA July 21-24, 2022. 

The Ohio State University Dance Marathon – BuckeyeThon committee made the choice to move their Dance Marathon to the Fall semester in hope of creating a stronger connection to their campus at the beginning of the year. They also chose to make the shift to a new event venue for participants to have more space to gather safely. The first challenge was to re-write and redesign the entire Dance Marathon timeline to fit the new Fall structure. This included many meetings and long hours to ensure that they would be able to accomplish their 2021 strategic plan, as well as engage thousands of students earlier in the year. Numerous schedules and plans had to be adjusted as they navigated the new space, including everything from entertainment to food to the event layout, as well as staff, space, and capacity was impacted by this change of location. Along with these changes, they also moved the timeline of their event from Friday through Saturday to Saturday through Sunday, affecting the availability of staff. Ultimately, the program saw incredible results and raised more than one million dollars!

Miracle Network Dance Marathon is an international movement, involving over 400 colleges, universities and K-12 schools across the United States and Canada that fundraise for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. These students work tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds one dollar at a time by making the ask to family and friends. Their hard work culminates in a 6–40-hour celebration on their campus or virtually, where participants have the opportunity to rally together as a community for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Students involved in Dance Marathon gain valuable skills in fundraising, peer management, delegation, and philanthropy. Miracle Network Dance Marathon programs have collectively raised more than $300 million since 1991.

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