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Pete Hunter (IUPUI) Receives National Campus Advisor of the Year Award

Pete Hunter with Jagathon was recently awarded the Campus Advisor Award at the Miracle Network Dance Marathon Leadership Conference in July. The Campus Advisor Award recognizes a dance marathon campus advisor that goes above and beyond to help a Dance Marathon program succeeded in their efforts for the kids.

Pete Hunter served as a Campus Advisor for Jagathon at Indiana University of Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) since 2012, Hunter attends IUPUI as a graduate student working towards his doctoral. Hunter serves as a model of thoughtfulness, strong leadership, and true concern for others. Kaylee Tutrow says, “While some may merely say that their door is always open, Pete’s door is truly always open to his students. I have seen Pete spend countless nights well after standard business hours working on projects, meeting with students to develop plans, and providing guidance.”

Since 2012 Hunter has helped Jagathon grow from program fundraising $13,500 to $605,178 in seven years. During this time Jagathon reach has increased quickly as well, they now have a team of 25 exec board members and over 1,000 participants. Each year Jagathon members look to his guidance and insight in creating a successful program.

For Jagathon Exec Members, Hunter has created a program that will allow members to receive 3 credit hours per semester. During this course, students will read academic articles on philanthropy efforts and write multiple papers about what they have learned. Attend guest and community partner lectures, gaining knowledge that they can then apply to their work with Jagathon. Finally, at the end of the year students create a presentation and write a paper on the strengths and weakness of their position in Jagathon.

Through Hunter’s connections within IUPUI Jagthon has made many new connections including IUPUI Admissions. Jagathon is now also featured on IUPUI official social media channels and many university events.

Jagathon at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis receiving the Campaign Activation Award at the Dance Marathon Leadership Conference on July 20.