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Miracle Network Dance Marathon January Webinar: Transition Best Practices

Leadership team transitioning was the focus of the Miracle Network Dance Marathon monthly webinar in January.  In case you missed the webinar a brief recap is below.

Transitions are important to make sure no information gets missed between teams. From introducing campus and corporate partners to new leadership team members to making sure the social media chair has the Instagram log-in, this process affects everyone. One of the most effective ways to prepare your team for their transitions is by encouraging team members to add to a transition manual throughout the year. Team members can be documenting timelines, event planning steps, learning opportunities, and important contacts as the year progresses, so that it does not have to be a last-minute scramble to get all the information together.


It is never too early to start thinking through transitions! Thorough and thoughtful transitions can have huge positive impacts on your team. We recommend starting at least 3 months out from your event to put together all the transition and application materials needed. This way nothing will get missed in the midst of your rush to dance marathon! Spending just 5 minutes putting together a timeline will make the transition process easier for everyone.

Ongoing Conversations

Some conversations can and should expand beyond the timeline allowed for transitions. For example, finance conversations will likely be a much longer transition process. This will be important for both the incoming and outgoing teams as there are several moving pieces post-event that will need to be followed up on in the limbo between the two years. Making sure the hospital receives any final offline donations, paying all invoices, following through on sponsorship promises, and giving the incoming team a starting budget are just a few elements that will probably take more time to transition than most other positions.

In order to successfully implement a great transition between teams it is important to plan in advance, make sure your team is prepared with a transition manual for each of their positions, and make applicants are aware of the requirements needed to join the team.

Be sure to watch the webinar for some more in depth best practices as well as read the power point slides. For additional help, reach out to your DM manager or check out the resources in the Dropbox.