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Let’s Talk About Data

With your Dance Marathon program entering summer months looking a bit different than usual, allowing for some additional free time – we can focus on one of the most important components of Dance Marathon: DATA. Data allows us to make more informed decisions as we work to build strategic plans and lay the foundation for a successful year with your program.

We have an abundance of data at our fingertips – whether it is through the utilization of the CMN Hospitals Financial Tracking Documents, or just by getting more acquainted with our peer-to-peer fundraising platform, Donor Drive, collecting surveys – there is a plethora of information to start analyzing during this transitional time.

Want to engage further with the conversation around data? If you were unable to join us on Thursday, May 28th we hosted our webinar on Data & Finance Tracking with guest appearances from two members of our CMN Hospitals Data Team. You can watch the recorded webinar on our YouTube channel! Additionally, there will be multiple sessions hosted during Dance Marathon Leadership Conference that can provide additional resources for analyzing data further.

Below – you will find links to resources that are related to data! If you have further questions or want to dive deeper into conversations related to data, make sure to reach out to your Dance Marathon Manager or to be connected with a peer program who can discuss their methods for data collection and analysis.

Data Resources Available:

  1. Advanced Tracking Document
  2. Program Statistics Document – you can work with your Dance Marathon Manager who can provide you with your program’s specific document.
  3. Donor Drive Resources + Reports
  4. Survey Data
  5. Dance Marathon Manager(s)