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Knight-Thon Reveals 2019 Theme: #ThisIsWhy

This week, Knight-Thon at the University of Central Florida revealed their theme for the year: This is Why.

Leading up to their big announcement, the students created buzz across UCF with help from a marketing campaign that included posters placed across campus overnight stating only the word “WHY”, followed by second blitz of posters and flyers reading “WHY THE WHYS?”.

On Thursday, Knight-Thon made the announced their theme for the year with this powerful video:

As follow up to the video, Knight-Thon shared:

This year, we are asking the question “Why.” We bombarded the campus with the anonymous question, “Why the Whys?” and stirred up a storm. Yesterday, we announced our theme for the year, and the reason Why we do what we do. The reason Why we work so hard year-round to raise funds, Why we celebrate for 20 hours in the spring, Why our organization exists. “Why” isn’t just a question, it’s a lifestyle. It’s the statement of this movement, of the motivation that inspires one to donate and to raise funds. We are asking you to define your Why. Why are you passionate? Why do you fundraise? Why do you participate? Why are you For The Kids? This is our Why, what’s yours? #ThisisWhy