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Insights from the DM Season

As events are completed and participants complete a post-event survey, we have some great early insights to share from the virtual and hybrid events that have occurred in the past few weeks. We hope these insights can help you! We’ll continue to update these results as Dance Marathon events occur.

  • 80% of respondents say they asked for a donation because they know that kids at their children’s hospital need support
    INSIGHT: Participants are connected to our mission and understand the needs of our hospitals right now!
    ACTION: Incorporate calls to action for fundraising as you share deeply compelling stories of things that are happening right now at their hospitals. Not sure where to start? Check out our COVID-19 talking points here.
  • 32 % started fundraising at least one month before event, 45% are fundraising year round
    INSIGHT: Over 75% of respondents started fundraising at least one month before their event, so don’t be afraid to continue coaching programs on making the ask, since they are clearly active fundraisers.
    ACTION: Don’t wait until your event weekend to encourage participants to start fundraising – provide them (and your team captains) the tools and coaching and communication they need now! Check out our one stop fundraising shop here.
  • Sharing DonorDrive fundraising page (44%) and Facebook fundraising (27%) were the most common responses for primary ways to fundraise
    INSIGHT: Are you continuing to promote these to your participants in easy and actionable ways?
    ACTION: Promote milestones & incentives – new and highly effective DonorDrive tools and Facebook Fundraising to your participants – participants who use these raise up to 9x more than those who do not! Learn more here.
  • E-mails or texts from DM program were most helpful (34%) followed closely by team/participant meetings (23%) and e-mails/texts from team captain (22%)
    INSIGHT: Information coming from your program to participants is being used. Participants want to fundraise. It’s ok to continue coaching them and promoting how to do so!
    ACTION: Work with your Cause Partnership Manager and Advising team closely to really develop your communication plan to reach your participants where they are! Use scheduled messages and triggered notifications, set up text campaigns, and integrate your messaging into your social channels to reach participants where they are.