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Fishers High School Dance Marathon has been one of the most successful high school marathons in the state of Indiana, raising $600k since 2008 for Riley Hospital for Children. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Fishers DM was able to have a six-figure total while having an online marathon. However, Fishers DM was not set up for success moving into the 2020-21 school year due to their school district prohibiting them from fundraising for the year.

In the past, Fishers had a pageant with gentlemen from the school to crown one Mr. DM. To move towards the inclusion of all people at Fishers, this tradition was opened to any student allowing for a more diverse group of individuals to show off their passion for children’s health. The Fishers DM leadership worked to make the contest have a wider reach through social media. Each contestant had an Instagram Page where they would receive points for followers, engagement on posts, and promoting the marathon. To end the contest, all the contestants participated in a lip-syncing competition at the event. At the end of the night, two individuals were crowned as the Fishers Dance Marathon Royalty.

With an in-person marathon, Fishers ensured the safety of students through cooperation with all local, state, and CDC health guidelines. Like in past marathons, the leadership team created their own morale dance to teach throughout the night with social distancing. They were able to bring in a Miracle family to share their story, something few dance marathons have been able to do, while also recognizing the legacy of one of their Miracle kids who lost her battle with cancer in April. At the end of the night, the 2021 Fishers DM leadership team and a Miracle kid, revealed their fundraising total. This marathon was a true demonstration of the community that Fishers DM has created in not just the high school, but in the entire city of Fishers.

Fishers Dance Marathon was able to demonstrate incredible success in online fundraising leading into their marathon. In 2020, Fishers fundraised $6,174.57 in the 2 weeks leading into the marathon. Despite the fundraising challenges faced throughout 2020-21, Fishers was able to top 2020, fundraising $21,775.05 in the two weeks leading into the marathon. This year was a true demonstration of the passion that Fishers High School has for making a change for children’s health.”