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Dance Marathon “Commits For The Kids” on Child Health Day

On Monday, October 1, collegiate and K-12 Miracle Network Dance Marathon programs throughout the nation celebrated Child Health Day.

Child Health Day is a United States Federal Observance Day observed on the first Monday in October. In a Presidential Proclamation in 2013, President Barack Obama said “On Child Health Day, we are reminded of our first, most urgent task—to protect and develop the health of our children. Today, let us reaffirm our commitment to our Nation’s youth and remember our future depends on their success.”

Students from 231 campuses made efforts to #CommitForTheKids by registering for their campus’s Dance Marathon program, fundraising, and helping to spread the word that children’s hospitals need donations to save kids’ lives.

Miracle Network Dance Marathon programs were eligible to compete in Child Health Day Challenges with the programs in each respective tier that registered the most new participants and the programs that fundraised the most on Child Health Day receiving additional donations. Programs were also recognized for the most creative social media posts and on-campus awareness initiatives that helped to promote their Child Health Day campaigns.

In total, 11,451 individuals registered as fundraisers for 202 different Dance Marathon programs on Child Health Day. The programs in each tier that registered the most new participants include:

Over 11,000 individual participants from 226 different campuses received donations on Child Health Day, helping to collectively raise $493,608 in one day. The programs that collectively fundraised the most in each tier include:

The top five individual students who fundraised the most were also recognized and will have up to $1,000 of their one-day fundraising total matched. Overall, 17 students reached “comma club,” meaning they had a comma in their fundraising total from raising over $1,000, on Child Health Day. The top five individual fundraisers are:

Programs were also encouraged to help spread awareness that children’s hospitals need donations and how their funds raised are benefitting their local CMN Hospitals. The winners of the awareness challenges are listed below. Be sure to continue reading to see the winning programs’ and individuals’ social media posts.

To show their “funds in action,” Loras College Dance Marathon shared a video that shows the patient and family services that are made available at the University of Iowa Dance Marathon Stead Family Children’s Hospital thanks to their programs pledge to raise $500,000 for their hospital.

Loras College Dance Marathon dedicates itself to making miracles for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. We recently pledged a $500,000 commitment for Patient and Family Centered Services to make even more of these miracles. Today is Child Health Day, and today more than ever we unite to #CommitForTheKidsMiracles, for this organization, are things such as friendships, smiles, laughter, and fun given to sick and injured kiddos in the hospital. All of which can be produced from parts of Patient and Family Centered Services. Some of these services include:-"Furry Friend" programs-Nick's Theater-New books for patients-Beads of bravery-Coping support for brothers and sisters of sick childrenJust like you are seeing below, we hope these programs make more smiles possible. To fund more smiles, donate here:

Posted by Loras College Dance Marathon on Monday, October 1, 2018

Throughout the day on Child Health Day, Fontbonne University Dance Marathon shared graphics that showcase what $5,000 would help to provide for their hospital. This campaign helped to demonstrate to their campus what their goal of raising $5,000 on Child Health Day could tangibly purchase for the hospital and superhero themed in conjunction with their  “Be Heroic Today” slogan.

OwlThon at Florida Atlantic University posted a video to promote their registration week campaign that kicked off on Child Health Day. The video includes OwlThon members explaining why they “Commit for the Kids” in the hope of helping students on their campus to be inspired to want to register as a fundraiser. In total, 277 individuals registered for OwlThon on Monday.


Today is the day! Join us on this Child Health Day as we kick off our annual Registration Week and spread the word about all of the reasons that we #CommitForTheKids #ChildHealthDay!

Posted by OwlThon FAU on Monday, October 1, 2018

On Child Health Day, individual participants could also be recognized for posting on their social media channels based on the prompt “I #CommitForTheKids because…” The most impactful posts will be recognized with a $100 donation toward their fundraising efforts for their local hospital.

Check out the winning posts below:

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shortly before my sixth birthday, something started to feel wrong. my left leg started hurting. doctors attributed the aches to growing pains, but it kept getting worse for months. I saw countless specialists and received countless tests, but no one knew what was going on until one day, in april of 2006, I got out of bed, fell, and couldn’t get back up. that day, I was diagnosed with ganglioneuroblastoma, a form of cancer that develops in nerve tissue. it was, for lack of a better medical explanation, a tumor sitting on a nerve in my abdomen that affected my entire left leg. surgeons were able to remove the tumor after two surgeries and two weeks in the hospital. my nightmare continued a year later, when my oldest brother Andrew was diagnosed with a different form of cancer. thankfully, after undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, he was given the all clear as well. I am incredibly fortunate that I have been cancer free for almost 13 years, and that my brother has been cancer free for almost 12! this is, no doubt, thanks to not only the grace of God but the doctors and nurses at Duke Children’s Hospital who worked tirelessly on our cases. they have been with me on my long journey to revert some of the damage to my leg and assure that the cancer won’t be coming back. they took everything I threw their way with grace and a smile, and they supported my family when we went through the worst two years of our lives. I am eternally grateful. this is why #ChildHealthDay is so important to me. my brother and I are so lucky to be where we are today, but many are not nearly as fortunate. this is why @elonthon and I want you to take a moment today to think about the kids who have to wake up every morning to another day of fighting for their health. to everyone who is still reading…thank you. today and everyday, #CommitForTheKids

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Today is Child Health Day, a national holiday to advocate for every child to have the happy and healthy childhood they…

Posted by Alex Kershenbaum on Monday, October 1, 2018


Today is #ChildHealthDay, and I #CommitForTheKids to help spread awareness of this cause. Child Health Day aids in…

Posted by Kenley Logan on Monday, October 1, 2018


Today is Child Health Day! I’m guessing some of you have been thinking, “Ughh it’s such a rainy, gloomy day.” I want you…

Posted by Tori Dursky on Monday, October 1, 2018

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