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December Updates for the Network

As we work to make our updates and information more accessible to you and your teams, we are changing up the format of how our monthly network updates will be delivered. You can find this blog post housed on the home page of the Dance Marathon website, along with a future placement on the “Resources” tab.

Actionable Information:

  • The Boundless Fundraising App will disappear on January 1, 2022. It is vital that anyone using this app stop immediately and switch to the new Dance Marathon Fundraising App. We will no longer have access to any fundraising dollars raised from the Boundless Fundraising App after 1/1/22. Please reach out to your Cause Partnerships Manager with any questions.
    • Dance Marathon fundraising app stats:
      • 7,888 DM app users
      • $458.57 – average fundraising for DM users with the app ($338 over the non-user)


Resources Available to You!


Feel Good Moment: Arden’s Thumb

^A good reminder that because of the work you do, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are able to treat kids for whatever their needs may be.


Artwork by Eli – one-year-old patient