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Total Reveal Tuesday: Northridge High School Dance Marathon

Children’s of Alabama is proud to announce the fundraising results of our state’s FIRST High School Dance Marathon event! Students at Northridge High School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama worked throughout the school year to raise funds and awareness For The Kids. Their efforts culminated at their Main Event on February 1st, where students revealed an incredible fundraising total of $17,289.57!

Northridge Dance Marathon partnered with University of Alabama Dance Marathon (UADM) to host their inaugural event. UADM student staff members provided mentorship and encouragement to Northridge students, and helped them to plan a fun-filled Main Event. Northridge student leaders will be honored for their efforts at UADM’s BAMAthon, this Saturday, February 15th.

Thank you, Northridge students and community members for making such a significant impact on the patients at Children’s! We are are grateful for your pioneering spirits!