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Miracle Network Dance Marathon May Webinar: Data for Decision Making Recap

Below is a recap of the second monthly webinar in May, “Data for Decision Making”. You can watch the webinar here.


What is the Data Process?

Collecting data is more about just have numbers, percentages, and general information. It’s about the whole data process in collecting, analyzing, and taking action. As you begin your data journey start by determining your story. What are you trying to learn more about? What are you trying to solve through data? What do you need to gather in order to effectively analyze and understand?


Analyzing Data

You’ve gathered your data – but it’s important to take time to analyze and understand your data to effectively build strategic plans. Utilize the resources that are available through CMN Hospitals, Donor Drive, and programs like Microsoft Excel. When understanding your data, it’s important to analyze it with context. When you’re just looking at a blank number, it’s hard to know what that number means. Having context around that number in relation to past years, current goals, other groups – will help your team understand the importance of that number.


Quick Steps to Analyze

Use the webinar recording as a training for easy and effective ways in analyzing your data in Microsoft Excel. The tips and tricks shown in the webinar are:

  • Week Numbers
  • Sum-If statements
  • Percentage Difference
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Average-If statements
  • Pivot Tables

After understanding what your data is, you can begin to make some strategic decisions improving your Dance Marathon program.


Additional Resources