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How to Use the Fundraising Incentive in Your Program’s Plans

The Miracle Network Dance Marathon team is excited to announce an exclusive fundraising incentive to all registered Dance Marathon participants. The first 3,000 participants who raise $500 starting 1/24 will qualify for this exclusive merchandise! 

 As student leaders, below are some resources to help you, your participants, and your programs raise the most money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and get this one-of-a-kind merchandise into the hands of as many participants as possible!  

Get the news out to your participants:

  • Highlight this effort in your newsletters, planning meetings, and any other planned communications to ensure no participant misses the opportunity 
  • Share on your social channels and re-post members that are talking about the incentive on their channels as a way to help create a positive buzz regarding fundraising and the incentive within your online community! (link to this blog!) 
  • Include a fundraising call to action surrounding the incentive in any of your pre-event participant communication pieces  
  • Send out specialized messaging to all team captains so that they can remind their team members about the incentive opportunity 

Resources available  

  • Remind your participants of the urgent need behind fundraising for children’s health to help them raise more funds
  • This includes unique graphicsvideos, and other assets both programs and participants can share out with their followers
  • Encourage your participants to tap into fundraising tools such as the DonorDrive app, milestones, incentives, and Facebook fundraisers that can help drive even more donations to their fundraising pages (check out this one-stop-shop blog including all things fundraising!) 

Other tips and tricks  

  • Incorporate this as an in-event fundraising push during your upcoming event. We know that $500 can go a long way in making a difference in a local child’s hospital stay – $500 can go towards funding play therapy, child life equipment, pet therapy, and so much more. If during your event you’re already sharing impact stories regarding your hospital and the care it provides, use the incentive messaging to complement your storytelling and help to push participants towards the $500 raised mark. Empower them to make a difference by raising funds AND get exclusive pieces of merch in the process!  
  • Be sure to extend your donation cut-off date and time to allow participants a couple of weeks after your event to complete their fundraising for the incentive.

*For programs not on DonorDrive, you can use this form to share with participants as they hit the $500 milestone. It is the responsibility of your program to communicate with participants about this incentive redemption.