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DMLC 2020 Content Release Schedule

Miracle Network Dance Marathon is excited to present DMLC 2020 virtually! Check out the blog below for a breakdown of the content release schedule which includes our student led breakouts and our staff workshops.  We encourage you to tune into our live session every day at 2pm CST/3pm EST for guest speakers, award winners and announcements to pair with the on demand content below.  Session descriptions will be available closer to the conference start. 

Bolded sessions are 40 minute workshops

Unbolded sessions are 20 minute breakouts

Tuesday, July 7th  

  1. Leading with Inclusion
  2. Effective Campaigns in the Virtual World 
  3. DonorDrive 101: The Participant Experience 
  4. Team Captains – Help Them Help You! 
  5. Fostering a Successful Team Captain Program 
  6. Building the Ideal Corporate Partnership  
  7. Build Your Own Big Event 
  8. Keeping Families at the Forefront 
  9. Participant Fundraising 
  10. Inspire Your Donors with Peer to Peer Fundraising 
  11. Starting from the Beginning with HSDMs 
  12. Social Media Deserves Great Ingredients and Great Preparation 
  13. Branding 101 
  14. How a 60 Second Video Can Speak A Thousand Words to Your Movement 
  15. One Team, One Dream: Building a Team Environment That is Worth Fighting For 
  16. Increasing Dancer Engagement Through Special Events 
  17. Emerging Programs: Main Event Experience, Building a Movement, & Strategic Decision Making 

Wednesday, July 8th 

  1. Leadership and Management 
  2. Looking Towards Inclusive Excellence 
  3. Diversity and Inclusion: It’s More Than Just Checking a Box 
  4. DonorDrive 102: Records and Reports 
  5. To Graduation and Beyond: Keys to Keeping Your Alumni Engaged 
  6. Engagement: Sharing Your Mission with Effective Communication 
  7. Creating and Maintaining Intentional Partnerships 
  8. Fraternity and Sorority Life: Building Authentic Relationships 
  9. Big Event Planning and Participant Engagement 
  10. Miracle Families: Share their Story and Engage 
  11. Data Tracking to Drive Success 
  12. Push Day Planning: From an Idea to Total Reveal 
  13. Avoiding Push Day Pitfalls 
  14. The Ins and Outs of High School Programs 
  15. How to Create a Useful and Engaging Website 
  16. Putting “Social” Back in Social Media 
  17. Engaging and Retaining Participants Through Intentional Relationship Building 
  18. Activating Your Campus on a Registration Push Day 
  19. Engagement Strategies for Unique Campuses 

Thursday, July 9th 

  1. Change Management 
  2. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on College Campuses
  3. DonorDrive 201: New Fundraising Features 
  4. Ready, Set, Alumni! 
  5. Establishing Relationships with Athletic Programs 
  6. Intro to Ideal Business Partner Pitch 
  7. Stewardship 101 
  8. Stewardship: Participant Appreciation and Recognition 
  9. Small School, Big Impact 
  10. The one with the Donor Renewal Plan 
  11. In-Event Fundraising that Engages & Inspires 
  12. In-Event Fundraising: How to Maximize Dollars While Participants are Present 
  13. The one with the Donor Renewal Plan 
  14. Engaging and Creating a Community With Your High School Programs 
  15. Creating and Executing a Meaningful Campaign 
  16. Creating a Clear, Concise Campaign 
  17. Igniting the Flame 
  18. A Fresh Look at First-Years: Creating a Community Of Young Leaders 
  19. Level Up with Morale 

Friday, July 10th  

  1. Organization Engagement: Building Culture Inside and Out 
  2. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Creating a Environment for Everyone to Flourish
  3. Things That Make You Say “Oh”: Case Studies of Diversity and Inclusion in Dance Marathon 
  4. DonorDrive 202: Audience Engagement 
  5. Building Alumni Connections 
  6. Lifecycle of a Participant 
  7. The Power of Personalized Communication 
  8. Campus Program? It Could be YOU 
  9. Incentivizing Your Fundraisers 
  10. No College Students Allowed: Nuances of DM in K-12 
  11. The Power of Personalized Communication 
  12. Enhance Your Social Media with Engaging Content and Data-Driven Decisions 
  13. More Than Just a Table 
  14. How Your Family Can Join the Movement 


Have questions once you finish watching the sessions? Head over to our DMLC Discord channel and ask the presenters. Networking is an essential element to DMLC and we want to make sure you still have that opportunity (virtually!). 

Every Dance Marathon position will be added to a Discord channel based on that role so you can network by position or network by area in your area channel. Additionally, every presentation will be tied to a “theme” for the conference, each theme of DMLC will have its own Discord channel for you to ask questions in. More info on how to register for Discord and how to engage in Q&As will be released in upcoming newsletters. 

 So, what could a DMLC schedule could look like for you and your team? Head over to this blog post for a week long suggested sample schedule for Dance Marathon Students & Dance Marathon Advisors.