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Congratulations to all the Miracle Maker Award Winners

The Miracle Maker Awards go to the Dance Marathon programs that had the highest combined monetary and percentage increases in their overall fundraising over the previous year. These programs demonstrate that it is possible to continue to build a lasting tradition on campus and grow their fundraising year-after-year for their local CMN Hospital. Programs are categorized for the awards based on their founding year as a Miracle Network Dance Marathon program. 

Miracle Maker Award: Years 25+  

University of Central Florida – Knight-Thon, winner of the Miracle Maker Award, raised $811, 589.26 in their 27th year, which was an amazing increase of 32% year over year!  

Miracle Maker Award: Years 20-24 

The University of South Carolina Dance Marathon, in their 24th year raised $931,016 which was an increase of 50% year over year.  

Miracle Maker Award: Years 15-19 

The University of Missouri – MizzouThon, in their 15th year, raised $121,140.94, a huge increase of over 70% year over year!  

Miracle Maker Award: Years 10-14 

 Binghamton University – Baxterthon, in their 10th year had an unbelievable increase year over year of 350% and raised $50,108.68. 

Miracle Maker Award: Years 7-9 

The University of Pittsburgh – Pitt Dance Marathon, in their 8th year had an astounding increase of 179% and raised $366,817.32! 

Miracle Maker Award: Years 2-6 

Duquesne University – Duqathon in their 3rd year and first fully in-person dance marathon, with an amazing 262% increase year over year and raising $66,241.82 

Miracle Maker Award: Year 1 

Dance Marathon at The University of Wisconsin – Madison raising the most money for first-year programs, at $41,717.01!