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Call for Dance Marathon Visual Media Assets

Miracle Network Dance Marathon is looking for the following categories of high-quality official Dance Marathon photos and videos that can be added to the network content folder as generic Dance Marathon images that programs and partners can access and use. Please submit your content by May 25 at 5pm PST.

*** By sharing photos and b-roll video footage with Miracle Network Dance Marathon, you’re granting both Miracle Network Dance Marathon and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals the rights to share the assets on owned social media channels and in promotional marketing materials created by CMN Hospitals. Some photos may be shared as stock photos for individual Dance Marathon programs to use on their owned social media channels. *** 


Submission Process: 

  1. Take a look at the below lists for photo and video needs  
  2. When you have selected your photos and videos to upload, please name them as: 
    • Photos: UniversityofABC_Category (example: UniversityofArkansas_MiracleKids) 
    • Videos: UniversityofABC_Category (example: UniversityofMissouri_ExecTeam) 
  3. When ready to upload: 
    • Please add photos to this folder according to category 
    • Please add videos to this folder according to category 


Please submit PHOTOS within the following categories:  
  • Miracle Kids: 
    • Miracle kids going through an opening ceremonies tunnel
    • Close up on miracle child talking on a microphone
    • Miracle child hugging participant
    • Miracle child dancing
  • Participants:  
    • Participants dancing
    • Participants doing silent disco
    • Participants high fiving
    • Participants taking selfie
  • Exec Team:  
    • Leadership team huddle
    • Leadership team member with walkie or clip board
  • Activities:  
    • Participants doing morale dance
    • Participants at craft station
    • Participants doing bounce house
    • Participants in activity rooms/stations
    • Participants in “dancer jail”
  • Tabling/Year-Round Events: 
    • Leadership talking to students at table
    • Year-round event participation
    • Organization Fair
    • Participants + Greek Life
    • Check-In tables
  • Cause Connection:  
    • Hospital tours
    • Funds in action—things fundraising has provided at the hospital
  • Social:  
    • Color group photos/students in color group outfits
    • Students in graduation attire
    • Students in theme costumes
    • Students celebrating different holidays (Halloween, patriotic outfits, etc.)
    • Students participating in fun games/activities
    • Emotional reactions
  • Fundraising:  
    • Students canning
    • In-event fundraising activities
    • Fundraising incentives
    • Corporate partner activations
    • Students digitally fundraising

Please submit VIDEOS within the following categories: 
  • Canning/Fundraising Activities 
  • Tabling/Recruitment Activities (Dance Marathon represented on campus)
  • Awareness Campaigns 
  • DM-Sponsored Events (outside of DM)/Special Events  
    • Ex. Runs/color runs, holiday events, talent shows, fundraisers, etc.  
  • Hospital Tours/Cause Connection 
    • Students interacting with families 
    • Students touring the hospital 
    • Examples of how funds are used at the hospital 
  • Corporate Partner Engagement 
    • Students at restaurant fundraisers 
    • Examples of how partners are interacting with/engaging with your Dance Marathon organization 
  • High School/K-12 School Engagement 
    • Mini-marathon events 
    • B-roll from school activities benefitting Dance Marathon (fundraisers, campaigns at school, etc.) 
  • Dance Marathon students participating in… 
    • Graduation activities 
    • School spirit/athletic events 
  • Dance Marathon Event 
    • Families on stage telling stories 
    • Students interacting with families 
    • Any corporate partner related interaction (students eating sponsored food, check presentations, partner signage) 
    • Morale dance 
    • Games/activities 
    • Theme hours 
    • In-event fundraising (gong, fundraising walls, etc.)  
    • Students speaking on stage 
    • Emotional reactions 
    • Total reveals